Friday, 15 February 2013

Installing and Configuring 11gR1

Installation Process:

  1. Installed and configured DB using RCU 
  2. Installed Weblogic server - Right
  3. Install SOA and patched it to 
  4. Installed 
  5. If you need oid and ovd, you need to install - This consists of OID, OVD, ODSM products 
  6. Created a weblogic domain using config.cmd
Configuration process:
  1. Run the configuration script from the directory: MW_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/ --> Extend the existing domain you created in the 6th step.
  2. Select the desired products, you want to -> these products are displayed based on your previous installations in steps 3 and 4 steps.
  3. For configuring OID, OVD and ODSM, you have a different directory to run the configuration script.
  4. Go to the directory specified in the installation wizard of Step 5 - <Installation_directory>/bin -> ./
  5. Once these are all setup, you need to run one more configuration script located in the directory created during the step 4 - <install_directory>/bin --> ./ 
  6. This will configure Identity Server, Design Console, Remote Manager, Ldap synchronization, BI Publisher configuration settings. You can customize your selection there in the configuration wizard.

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